LOA: 40’

BOA: 11’ 1″

Equipment: Custom, configured to meet operator’s mission requirements

Propulsion: Triple outboards


The 40 Intrepid Coastal Enforcement Vessel provides agencies an incredibly versatile maritime law enforcement capability. The hull design makes it ideal for enforcement operations in both near coastal and offshore waters. The 40 Intrepid meets the demands for a fast, robust and highly maneuverable vessel that can be used for border protection, interdiction, port security, near coastal and offshore patrol, surveillance, and rescue, dive & recovery operations.


The 40 Intrepid is based on the Intrepid 407 Nomad SE.  While law enforcement agencies are able pick from many sizes to fit their needs, the 40 Intrepid is the model agencies rely upon when primary area of operations is near coastal and/or offshore.

Intrepid has a long history building custom boats, one at a time, for federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies.  In addition to its extensive work with Homeland Security and Border Patrol and various law enforcement agencies, Intrepid has built a Special Ops boat for the U.S. Air Force to use at a Florida airbase and a boat to guard a ship full of plutonium in Asia.


In a nod to the quality and construction of the Intrepid hull, an Intrepid built for the Hillsborough Sheriff's Office in 1995 (which happened to be the first Intrepid built with a side dive door) has gone through over 30 re-powers in its lifetime and is still in active service!

All Coastal Enforcement Vessels from Intrepid may be fully customized to meet virtually any mission requirement.  Options include, but are not limited to, dive doors, weapon mounts, side-scanning sonar, infrared night vision, nuclear, chemical, biological, radiological, and explosive detection systems, and various radar and navigation systems.




40 Intrepid Coastal Enforcement Vessel

  • The 40 Intrepid, distinctively different in concept, design and performance, benefits from the most advanced stepped hull in the industry which delivers a smoother, drier ride with unparalleled maneuverability.

    It all begins in its forward panel, which is at a steeper longitudinal angle along the keel than the aft panel. These panels create more lift aft than at the step itself so the boat runs with a slightly bow-up attitude. The boat stays drier and turns and maneuvers more effortlessly than the flat running angle of most stepped hulls.

    A zero-defect, one-at-a-time process includes wood-free, vacuum-bagged PVC foam hulls rather than the Styrofoam™ used by other manufacturers. Intrepid pioneered exclusive combinations of knitted, uni- and multidirectional laminates to attain unprecedented levels of strength and rigidity, while shedding performance-robbing weight. Intrepid's fully infused, stepped hull design means their custom crafted boats literally glide on a cushion of air, enhancing fuel efficiency while delivering the smooth, dry ride Intrepids are famous for.

    Intrepid is not beholden to any one engine manufacturer and can be optioned with tripple outboards from Yamaha, Evinrude, Mercury, Suzuki and Seven Marine.  A 40 Intrepid powered with triple 300HP outboards is capable of speeds in excess of 70 mph.