From the moment you decide to own an Intrepid, you will enter a world of collaborative design, precision construction and customization and one of the most coveted and legendary customer service programs on land or sea.


Intrepid doesn't make boats the way they could be made, they make them the way they should be made. One at a time and to the discerning specifications of our customers. No other boat company so carefully and proudly reflects the unique desires of each individual owner in every boat. Because with Intrepid, you call the shots. And it’s why they can, and will, personalize your Intrepid any way you want it. Combined with their advanced composite construction, each boat is not only unique to its owner but is stronger and stiffer, faster and more fuel-efficient to deliver the safest, smoothest, driest-ride on the water. 

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Fully-infused resin hulls. Actuating helm seats. Fold-in dive doors that take up no cockpit space equipped with flip out ladders. Or introducing quad-outboard controls before the outboard manufacturers did. The list goes on and will continue to do so because Intrepid is never satisfied and knows there is always a better way.

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Michael interviews Intrepid Powerboats' VP of Sales Alex Rizzo and gets a tour of the 407 Nomad!

"We just did this custom install of a stern windlass on a 407 Panacea. Normally in the aft port and starboard corners of the transoms we either rig these above deck compartments as pressurized bait wells with side windows in them or as storage compartments. This particular customer wanted a stern windlass like we offer on the 477 Evolution. Well, he asked and he received! That is what we are all about. You dream it and we make it a reality!”

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